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Printing METHODS

We offer different kind of printing for your custom printed fabric and paper Labels. Here we have listed the main techniques and their features.

Sublimation printing


  • Suitable for full-colored labels
  • Photographic quality
  • Fade and washing resistant

Sublimation printing technology delivers vibrant, fade-resistant colors that stand the test of time. Your textile labels will maintain their brilliance, even after repeated washes.The technology doesn't compromise on comfort. Labels feel smooth and are irritation-free.


  • 6 colours front + 2 colours back
  • 150/400mm - max label dimensions
  • Suitable for printing fabric labels

This technique is suitable for custom printed fabric labels such as Brand Labels, Clothing Labels, Personalized Ribbons, Elastic Bands, Barcode Labels etc. It is also suitable for full colour prints. We can print fabric labels or paper labels up to 150 mm in width and 400 mm in length.


  • Suitable for printing opaque colours on dark fabrics
  • Good for adding special effects such as glitters, metallics etc.
  • 220mm - max label width

Screen printing, combined with flexographic printing, gives you a great variety of material, colour, size and printing combinations as well as sharp images and special effects. Screen printing can be used for textile labels with a maximum width of 220 mm.


  • Suitable for self-adhesive labels
  • Best visualization for full-coloured labels
  • 330/500mm - max label dimensions

This technique is suitable for self-adhesive fabric labels, giving them the best detailed visualization with the clearest colours and sharpest images. Therefore, offset printing is perfect when used for full-colour labels.


  • For single colour labels in small quantities
  • Enables printing of variable data
  • 100mm - max label width

This technique is suitable for printing single-colour labels in small quantities, as well as Variable Data Labels, Barcode Labels, Consecutive numbered labels or QR-Code labels. We can overprint a textile label to put a serial number or other information on it. Our thermal transfer labels can reach a maximum width of 100 mm.


  • By combining Flexographic & Thermal Transfer printing you can get a printed fabric label with clear colours, sharp images and Variable data, e.g. Consecutive numbering.
  • By combining Flexographic & Screen printing you can improve your flexo-printed fabric label by adding special effects such as glitter, metallic and relief.
  • The combination of Screen printing &Thermal Transfer printing allows us to print fabric labels with special effects and variable data, e.g. serial numbering.