signal-bg Price, communication, production, delivery - the main questions every buyer is interested in!

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Price, communication, production, delivery - the main questions every buyer is interested in!

Case study: Personalised fabric and adhesive labels supplier for the Textile industry in Europe

Company: Signal Labels
Location: Bulgaria, Europe
Business: B2B Textile Resources Supplier, Manufacturer

Speciality: Printing and supplying with labels production businesses
Main Products: Multi-language labels, Care Labels, Logo Labels, Mattress Labels, Bar-code stickers, Printed ribbons and more...
Target Customer Industry: Home Textile and Garment production

Looking from the buyer point of view there are inevitable questions that need to be clarified. Here we have warped the most important information that a purchase manager would need to know before choosing a supplier!

Prices are given upon personalised request taking into account the given from you parameters: Graphic file, Material to print on, Quantity and finish options. In the initial price quote we can not give the exact price for delivery as we wouldn’t know the size and the weight of the package,however we can give you an approximate numbers.
The price get lower with the higher quantity and we would advise on the minimum required quantity each enquiry individually.
A proof of payment is required before the dispatching your order.
The payment is via bank
transfer, The bank account will be given on your invoice.

Would the communication be easy and helpful? That is a question that would pop up inevitably!
House we have trained customer service specialists that speak English, German and Bulgarian. The verbal and the written communication will be clear and helpful for the making fast and informing decision.
A new clients, who count on long business relationship are always welcome to come and visit and have a personal impression about how we work.

Turn around time is important for every supplier. Our production process is usually fast sometimes within a day. The factors we depend on are:
Work flow: if we have too many orders for that time slot we would need to prioritise
Finishing processes: if we have to heat-cure the material it will take + 6 hours, If we have to cut and fold your labels will also add a bit more time.

Delivery destination: depending on how accessible for Europe couriers your destination is will add more to the turn around time.

We have our main customers based in Europe as this is convenient for many reasons.However for delivery World-wide we would consider only orders with higher quantity as otherwise wouldn’t be price beneficial for both parties. Read more about our delivery options.