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Design services for printed fabric labels from the manufacturer

Whether you need a design of a new logo for your label or you need an interesting layout for special product our specialists can help you with your project. Designing in house has it’s advantages; Our professionals will adjust the design for the bes results taking into account the printing capabilities, the material characteristics and of course the aesthetics.


1. Logo Design - including choosing typeface, color palette and/or a sign. We will need some info (provided in the PDF below)
2. Logo Label - incorporating the logo on the product labels with different information
3. Care Label - including composition, laundry icons, instructions etc. (the text information provided from you)
4. Corner Label - including all the text information provided from you and layout and design elements from us
5. Labels for different categories products - could involve different colors/materials showing the product in series
6. Label with Product Information - such as hang tags, stickers etc. Including, barcodes, product info and so on.
7. Logo Ribbons - for branded packaging, for company events or for trimming home textile products
8. Hang Tags - with Price info, Logo, Product info, barcodes, Composition etc.

9. Mock up - visualisation of the labels on a photograph (provided from you or any stock image that we find relevant)
10. File for Print - all files for print we will use in house for manufacturing your labels and the work files will not be included in the design quote. You will only receive the vector file of the designed logo (if requested)
11. Vectorising of a logo or illustration - In the cases, when you don't have a vector format of your graphic we offer to make it in vector for an additional price!

Here we will explain how the design process works and why we need curtain information from the client before we start on the project.

If you need a Logo to be designed for your labels!
We often get enquiries for printing a label for which we have to design the logo.
Inthiscase we require a specific information and here is why:

The Logo is a sign that represents the company’s personality and the design should be the visual language that incorporates these characteristics. That can be achieved with the choice of colors, the typography, the name and the illustration if there is a one!
On the other side while developing the logo, there should be a consideration of the media, the logo will be translated on. For Example, You might need to use your logo for different marketing purposes apart on your label; you can have the logo on a large window signs or on very small brand labels, you can have it on digital platforms in different formats or on printed materials etc. For all these cases the logo should look good and there is an additional thought we have to consider such as the letter size, the letter space the color combination and other design elements.

Although our service will include a small part of the brand identity if we have to design a logo for you or a special design we will need to know the following:

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an Example of Branding items we design and produce

Design ProjectDesign Project 2