signal-bg 10 tips for identifying the best fabric resources supplier for your needs

Thursday    |    08.12.22    |    Business

10 tips for identifying the best fabric resources supplier for your needs

The raw materials are the essence of the product and having the best supplier will place you a step ahead before the competitors.
The right vendor can help you evaluate the best materials give you the best turnaround time and give you the optimal quality. Manufacturers, distributors, foreign goods importers or any other type of supplier can be evaluated easily if you set your primary goals correctly.

There are some ultimate features that everyone looks for when buying fabric resources and it is not difficult to find all in one these days!
We all know that the leading aspect of choosing your supplier is the
price ,however, there is more to just a low prise!

1. About the product - a good supplier would have thought about the whole package - including giving a best advise, packing everything correctly & using safe packaging. They would usually have a large range of products but also will be a focused on specific materials. To get a supplier with a narrow focus has it’s advantages as it suggests the professional execution of the product.

2. The supplier profile - It is good to notice first for how long have they been on the market within the industry. Manufacturers with heritage are usually experienced in producing their goods. Consistency within the years of manufacturing suggests stability and reliability.

3. Business Communication - how polite and quick responsive they are determines that they care about their clients. No matter how busy a business is it has to ensure that the customer service covers the capacity of calls and emails.
On the other
side a good written communication is also important. In order to take an inform decision you need to make your impressions from the corporate communication, being printed or on screen. A good supplier would extract the main FAQ and specifications for your information. A lack of good structured information would lead you think they wouldn’t be so organised in the other aspects of the production process.

4. How they deal with problems - There is always something that could go wrong in the process and it is important how the supplier would response to that. A proper professional would make an effort to keep the customer and find the best solving solution for their case. Of course you can know that once you work with the supplier but also through a research of their customer’s testimonials.

5. Customers and testimonials - There are ways to research other customer’s of the potential supplier. Moreover nowadays everything is transparent and people comment often on the work and the services they have used. However you need to be aware, if you see a negative comments among other not to assume that the supplier is bad as there could be variety of reasons for their bad experience. You can only take a note if the negative comments are the majority, then it is definitely something wrong!
We recommend to any producer or customer always to leave reviews, this will improve the overall business standards and will stimulate suppliers to get better.

6. Sustainability - In terms of a cause or certain lifestyle that influences society for a better living by saving environment or helping other people. Sustainability is somehow overexposed recently as this is what is trending among businesses, however a good cause is always good to support. And if your potential supplier cares about things as healthy social environment, reducing pollution, donating to people in need it also means you as a customer will support the cause and show empathy.

7. The overall appearance - How company is presented in terms of design on all touch points is also a factor that shows you their professionalism. If a company cares about their visual appearance it might just mean they would be consistent in what they promise. Look about professional executed designs, and useful structured information.

8. Social Media - Even B2B businesses are aware of the importance of social media to their success. If the supplier has an account in any social media platform it is good for you to follow them. This is an easy way of receiving updates about their products and services, visually see the new products and get an information about better prices. Social media for businesses is growing fast and creates opportunities for wider networks.

9. Test Run - To have the best impression you can always make a test as you go through a small order and see how the purveyor will behave and what the quality of the samples would be. Especially if you intend to order on a bigger scale regularly, it is good to get the feeling of the communication in advance.
You have also the option to hire a professional audit company that would examine the potential supplier against your criteria.

10. 4 P’s - Of course the most used evaluator is the Price, Product, Place, & Promotion. To optimise your profit you would always need the best price, a good quality, geographically close to you and ensuring a good discounts for bigger quantities. But it is also good to consider the other aspects we just mentioned!