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What have we learned from our B2B practice. Our rules for successful business exchange

“B2B marketing involves building valuable relationships to guarantee lasting customers as an important goal for any company, whether a mega retail corporation or a smaller family-owned one”. We have built relationships over the years with clients from different industries and managed to expand gradually our reach to Europe customers. Here are the rules we follow in our B2B marketing.

1. We think from customer’s point of view - we are already in a business that relies on suppliers and it is easy to learn from personal experience from those relationships. We strive to be reliable and carefully choose our communication announcement. It is an important to promise only that what we can deliver!

2. We learn the products and services of our client well - the internet now gives us great transparency and we try to use it for our benefits. We try to inform ourselves about their products and business approach as this will helps us when we offer our products. It is helpful for any business communication.

3. Optimise the price for bigger quantities - While Consumer choose products based not only on price but on popularity B2B buyers make decisions on price and profit potential. We from outside are working constantly on optimising processes and supplies in order to be competitive without compromising the quality.

4. Create a close and friendly relationship - Building trust takes time and at first sight there is nothing but words and recommendations. We choose to be friendly and open and make that a natural state for our company’s employees. Customer tend to remember more the kind attitude and turn back to us again. We follow the sentence

“Marketing is enthusiasm
transferred to the customer“

5. Send a regular update about the innovations in our business - We tend to inform our clients for any change on time in order to save hassles. Without being persistent we send a newsletter from time to time to inform them about our new undertakings.

6. Give customer a special treatment - Everyone likes to feel himself special. Behind every business stays also an individual, who has his day to day tasks and worries. We are on the mission to make it easy to deal with us and give people the necessary treatment - as for instance prioritising their orders when they are in rush, holding their stock if that is necessary etc.

7. Meet the customer in person if possible - even though nowadays the internet makes it easy to communicate and order we rely often on meeting the customer in person and welcome to our place anyone who is interested in our production. The personal contact build that trust in the relationship even more.

Our perspective on B2B Exchange:

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