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Nordic Style Home decor and textiles. Inspiration and places to shop

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe which includes Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland. The key aspect in Scandinavian home decor is prioritising function without sacrificing aesthetics. Their style is minimalistic, conveying serenity and calmness. Scandinavian lifestyle is a source of inspiration from many years now and being affordable and easy to achieve makes it attractive choice for many households.
Here are some tips on how to add the Scandinavian style to your home.

Nordic Style Examples

The long winters with less daylight kept Nordic people at home for many months. This why a lot of element that reflect the light are part of their home decor. Their houses usually have large windows to let as much light in as possible. The dominant colour palette is of a light reflecting neutral toned down shades. The base of the walls, the floor and the furniture is usually with a white base which makes the space visually bigger and doubles the light by reflecting it. Mirrors are placed strategically to visually expand the space and reflect any available ambient light. Electric fixtures are also an important source of light and because they are used generously the simple lines are kept to make them more functional and minimise the visual clutter.

Scandinavian interior

The main colours in a Scandinavian design are neutral, such as beige, white and pale. However, it’s becoming more popular now to add in injections of colour, such as grey, black and yellow. It’s the whole simplicity of the design that makes it succeed as a Scandinavian look.
Accent pieces like pottery, rugs, cushions and art in bright hues inject spaces with life and character. In fact, they stand out more dramatically in a space designed this way.

Scandinavian textiles

Textile accessories are used for maximum impact – for instance a colourful rug defining the lounging space and a couple of cushions with prints of bold chevrons or stripes warming up a light-coloured love seat; a knitted throw on the couch; sheer drapes on the windows; and maybe some patterned place mats and napkins on the dining table. Natural fabrics like cotton, wool and linen are preferred over synthetics and blends.

Scandinavian style and decoration

It is all about celebrating simple elegance that seemed accessible to everyone. “Less is more,” is the motto here. The furniture is simple, elegant and heavily influenced by Arts and Crafts movement. Scandinavian designs include lots of wood. Passing through the bedroom and kitchens, wood can be found all over the house in all pieces of furniture. Decorate your walls with framed photos of typography art or minimalistic graphics, Use rustic-looking wooden frames to complete the Scandinavian motif. Potted plants are also commonly used in interior décor to mimic nature within the home.

Nordic Style of textiles

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