signal-bg It’s time for a New Year resolution check list. We have outlined ours. Have you?

Wednesday    |    06.01.16    |    LIFESTYLE

It’s time for a New Year resolution check list. We have outlined ours. Have you?

At this time of the year people have already made evaluation for their past year and started to think ahead for their new adventures to success. We believe that it is good idea to outline some of the important aims for yourself and then work towards them.

You will find it easier to put down your priorities if you first ask yourself few questions.
What is my most important aim for this year?
What can I do to achieve it?
Is it possible? Will I have time?
I want to be better at..
I want to learn to..

When you answer them half of the job is done. You already know what you want and it is just a matter of time to achieve it.

But do we really fulfil all we have thought at the beginning of the year?
Here are some tricks you can use to stick to the initial plan and benefit from the result.

1. Write a mini ‘To Do’ list every morning. Then try to expand on the list a little more. For example - Do not just say ‘I need to learn something new today’ Be more specific and always add additional questions and answers - What? I want to learn the basics of this program today!; How? I will look for tutorials for beginners online and will watch few today! When? ..Around 2pm!.

2. Always add at least one fun thing to do a day. This will stimulate you too and keep you excited trough the day.

3. Send yourself reminders on your email. It is very helpful to receive this list on your email especially if you check it often any way. This will give you additional push..

4. Create an inspiration board with images or quotes that will inspire you during the day. The images could be how you see yourself when you achieve your goals or even just something pretty that you wish to buy. If you don’t have an access to it during the day you can as well email it to yourself.

5. Set an evaluation date for you to check all the tasks you have completed. Do not necessary do that at the end of the year. It is nice to realise earlier that you plan works and see the results. This will keep you motivated to continue.

6. Treat Yourself you deserve it after all the efforts!

In terms of our business we have also set some important goals and priorities.

Short term goals

- Have a successful Heimtextil Trade
- Collaborate with new business partners
- Buy new pieces to add to our machinery park

Long Term Goals

- Sustain a healthy business network - supply - production - customers
- Increase our online presence
- Keep our team passionate and motivated

We wish you calm and full of ideas 2016.
Peruse your dreams and they will come true!