Signal Ltd. is an internationally oriented company, privileged to work with over 700 customers of various sizes from over 30 countries around the world. Some of our clients are renowned European manufacturers from the garment, shoe and home textile industry. We maintain active relationships with each one of our customers and we always listen carefully to their comments, react appropriately and exceed their expectations.

We deliver labels in bulk to factories producing clothing for different brands. We supply regularly their stock of sewing labels and self adhesive stickers for packaging. We communicate directly with the brands or the manufacturers of the products ensuring correct order process and prompt delivery.

A big part of our customers are from the home textile industry. They are in need of all kind of labelling for products like mattresses, pillows, bedding sheets, towels, curtains, soft furniture and many more. We deliver labels in a diversity of sizes, colours and shapes to them.

A big part of our production goes to all kind of textile accessories such as bags, scarves, hats, ties, belts etc. For these clients we print mainly brand labels and composition labels as well as stickers for product descriptions.

Another big group of clients are clothing and shoe designers with a wholesale or retail business. We are responding promptly to their enquiries and fulfilling their design decisions. They are mainly interested in custom Brand Labels, Care Labels and Composition Labels for their garments. Sometimes we can fulfil non-standard creative decisions that designers make.

During our long experience we have worked with clients from different industries. We have attached labels and hang tags to technical products, luggage, sports equipment and delivered custom printed sew in and self-adhesive labels for the toy industry, furniture industry, packaging industry, logistics, sporting goods industry and more.


" Thank you very much for producing and shipping our order so fast. We really like the items, so also many thanks to the whole Signal team." C. Griesewelle, 11.09.2016г.

" Perfect delivery, perfect quality and perfect service! Tnx à lot and kind regards," J. Mertens, 18.07.2016г.

" Thank you for a very fast delivery! " Martin, 24.06.2016г.

"UPS parcel just arrived. We already checked the goods and we are very happy and satisfied with your quality of goods...Thanks for your help and understanding to manage this order in the actual "difficult" situation." S. Angermeyer, 11.05.2016г.

"We have receipt the samples this morning. We like the label. The pringting have a very good quality and the colours are very good. We will be in touch for more orders." I. Tena, 11.05.2016г.

"We like the banners and will continue to work with you." K. Åhlander, 11.04.2016г

"Nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Bemühungen in dieser unangenehmen Angelegenheit. Sie werden uns auf jeden Fall als Kunde behalten." Hörmann, 21.03.2016г

"Thank you for the wash the labels. We are really pleased with the quality," S. Leisner, 28.02.2016г