signal-bg Advertising/marketing idea using labelling for clothing or home textile brand

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Advertising/marketing idea using labelling for clothing or home textile brand

There is a marketing idea that you could apply using your labels as a platform for advertising. You will find similar cases if you make your research and you will see that some brands have already done it. We are suggesting it here as a simple concept you should try: It is a practical assignment that you could benefit from:) The labels shouldn’t be boring after all.

Our Lead generation funnel idea

Step 1 - The Idea - think about interesting story, funny slogan or illustration which of course is in the line with your brand image, believes. The aim here is to make the reader, think, laugh or get sympathetic.

Step 2 - Application - Incorporate your story on your fabric labels. It could be combined with the must have information or just be attached separately. Use elements of color to draw attention

Step 3 - Awareness - This step is for the consumer/ customer who is sharing your idea and spreading awareness for your brand. This will drive traffic to your website. Do not forget to include your contact details on the label.

Step 4 - Opportunity - Once the customer lands on your website page you should impress him. This is simply the showcase of your products and services and the viewer should easily navigate and find the information he needs.

Step 5 - Return on investment - On first place there is not much of investment in this particular idea however on the grand scale you will achieve ROI only if every step is done in a professional and engaging manner. It is an idea worth to try!



Idea plan for advertising through labels



Inspiration of labels with interesting message