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the Top ten Labels that we print on everyday basis

1. Multi-language labels - Taffeta - Flexo
These are one of the most demanded labels we print in house. The most used material for it is the Nylon Taffeta and they are usually larger sizes. The labels are mostly suited for Home textile products as duvets, mattrasses and bedding.

multi-language taffeta labels supply

2. Care labels - Satin - Flexo
As a must have label, the satin care labels are requested on daily basis. They contain information as care instructions, care icons, address, size, logo etc. The best material for it is doboule sided satin and polyester taffeta.

Printed labels with instructions

3. Logo labels - Satin/Cotton - Flexo
The logo label are the first label consumers look at when buying. Sometimes they are combined with other information as size, address etc. but the best way is to print the logo on it’s own. The most demanded material is Woven edge satin and Cotton.

Printed logo labels

4. Corner labels - Satin - Flexo
More that half of our production goes to the home textile industry and do most used label is the trapezoid form to sew on on the corner of the product. We Print them on all kinds of satin!

Printed corner labels

5. Adhesive satin labels - Offset
The alternative of the sewing labels for home textiles is labels on self-adhesive satin in a rechtangle or in trapezoid form. We print them mostly on offset for a better visualisation of the photographs.

Printed mattress labels

6. Ribbons - Woven Edge satin - Flexo/Screen print
We have increasing enquiries for printed logo ribbons from different industries. They are great for promoting the brand image for the product packaging or decorating gifts.

Printed Ribbons

7. Dark Fabrics labels - Satin/Taffeta - Screen print
The labels on black satin and taffeta are a classy decision for diferent textile products. We usually print them with screen print for best color visualisation. They are suitable for logo and care labels as well as for labels with product information.

Printed black satin labels

8. Barcode labels - Adhesive paper & Polypropylene - flexo/TT
Barcode/product information stickers are usually ordered in bulks as they are a must have for every product. The basic, one color labels we print on Thermal-transfer print and the colored ones on Flexo.

Printed barcode labels

9. Stickers - Adhesive paper & Polypropylene - Flexo
Branded stickers for product packaging are usually ordered along with the other product labels. We printed them in different forms on adhesive paper and satin.

Printed brand stickers

10. Size Labels - Any material - Flexo
We print a lot of the individual labels with sizes for clothing and accessories. They can be stored also in bulks as they don’t have on them information that is changing and can be used for a long time if the design doesn’t change.

Printed size labels