signal-bg Why choosing Home Textiles & Apparel made in Bulgaria? A list of the best manufacturers.

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Why choosing Home Textiles & Apparel made in Bulgaria? A list of the best manufacturers.

Textile and garment industries are one of the biggest in the economy of Bulgaria. There are more that 200 000 people employed in the sectors. More that 80% of the production is exported to EU countries after Bulgaria joined them in 2007. Now Bulgaria is the most appreciated market for producing textiles and fashion because of it’s proximity to the European retailers.

Another advantages of choosing Bulgaria for your garment and home textiles producer are:

1. Bulgaria is in Europe and you will safe on transport cost and duties. More over the delivery is going to be faster in the cases of unforcasted demand.

2. The offer of competitive prices relative to the region

3. The communication will be better as most professionals speak foreign languages. There is also an European mentality which eases the conversation.

4. Bulgaria is up to date with modern technology, sustainability and management system

5. Bulgarians habits to work ensure the quality of the product and fast turn around time.

6. Small batch production and samples

7. Before choosing a Bulgarian supplier you can hire a audit company that will confirm the work capabilities and environment of the company.

8. Here are some manufacturers & suppliers that we recommend for your brand textile products.

For Home textiles

- Kalinel Ltd - pillows, cushions, quilts, matress covers and protectors as well as matresses

- Artek 92 - bed linens, sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, fitted sheets, duvets, pillows, towels, blankets, etc.

- Parallel - mattresses, pillows, duvets, protectors, etc.

- Izitex - home textiles

- E. Miroglio - fabrics, yarns

For Fashion

- Brod Triko Ltd - knitwear
- Antoan Vill Ltd - women’s wear
- Bella Style Ltd - woman’s & men’s wear
- Kovels Ltd - women’s wear

- Zalli - women’s wear, underwear

- Delta Galil - women’s wear, underwear, children's wear

For Custom Printed Fabric Labels

- Signal Ltd - printed fabric labels and ribbons