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Everything about labelling home textile products. Specifications from the manufacturer

Home textiles include literary everything that is made of fabric at your home such as mattresses, bedding items, pillows, curtains, upholstery, table clothes, carpets and rugs, towels and bath robes etc. The requirements and tendencies in labelling these items follow curtain guidelines. We have filtered here the main features of the labels for home textiles learned from our practice:
Main features:
- The size is bigger that and apart of rectangles the trapezoid forms are used often for the corner of the product
- For the purpose of home textiles are used more printed labels rather than woven
- There is a lot more space for the design and often photographs are used and pop up background color
- Commonly there are series of products in one category and then the labels are similar with different name or color to indicate the feature
- Often manufacturers request self-adhesive labels as a substitute of the sewing ones this saves time and is effective.

The most commonly required information on the label:
- The logo, the Brand name and the slogan
- The company address, the web address or other contact details
- Country of Origin
- Fibre composition
- Wash Instructions and care symbols
- KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE or other special instructions
- Product information - name, code, size, features, certificates
- Vector graphic or photograph by preference

Here are the main categories for the home textile tendencies in labelling:


The mostly printed label for mattresses is the corner label. It usually includes the Brand name and the main features of the mattress such as orthopaedic, ecological, pocketed etc. Another type is a rectangle label sewed on the front or the side of the mattress and the instruction labels that is sewed on on the side seam and is usually center folded.

mattress labels


Bedding pieces include duvets, blankets, sheets, quilts etc, they all require brand and information labels. The most commonly they are sewed on the corner in trapezoid form or on the side in book fold. The Ikea-type labels are popular as the information is required to be translated in many languages - for this case the most used material is taffeta.

Bedding Labels


Whether decorative or sleeping pillows they should have attached a logo label that stay on and informational labels that are conventionally being removed from the consumer. The most commonly the labels are center folded with information on both sides.

Pillow Labels


Self adhesive labels are commonly used on home textile products. It is an easy solution to display the characteristics of the product without additional sewing. Depending on the glue they can be easy peel-able to remove and stacked on for a long time - especially for mattresses. The visualisation of photographs is very good on the satin self-adhesive labels.

Stick on labels for Home textiles


Printed piping trim is getting popular by the duvet producers. It is a good way to display your logo and brand name. There are also often to see patterns in contrast color that define the style of the design. Paper hang tags are also attached to the product with price information and bar-codes.

Printed bias and Hang tags