signal-bg Natural vegan fabrics mostly used from manufacturers of textile products

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Natural vegan fabrics mostly used from manufacturers of textile products

Textile fibres can be obtained from natural sources or chemically produced synthetic. The natural sources involve processing plant parts or animal materials.
For a long while now sustainable brands are going for a vegan fibres, supporting the natural lifestyle without unnecessary animal abuse.
This practice gains more and more followers each year and nowadays you can see often natural plant fibre composition on your product labels.

The way the fibre is made is when manipulating the stems, leaves or the seeds of the plant. This fibre is spun into yarn and then knitted to a fabric.

Here we have listed the mostly used plant-fabrics on the market:

Linen Fabric made of flax


The linen fibres are produced from the flax plant. The material produced from this plant is hypo-allergenic with anti-sun radiation features. The linen are often used for summer clothing and bedding. They are considered luxurious textile and highly durable as they become softer and stronger in time. The fabric creases easily defining a its own style. The linen absorb a lot of water but unlike the wool dry easily.

Cotton Fibre made in fabric


Cotton is a traditional fabric in the textile industry from ages. The main features are that it is soft but strong fibre, highly durable, easy to wash. It is applied mostly in the fashion industry for high quality clothing and in the home textile for bed sheets. It is also often blended with other compositions for a better durability.

Jute fibre for fabric


Another plant that turns into sustainable fabric is jute. It is completely biodegradable and have the qualities to be insulating. It is economical to produce and very strong and durable. More often jute is used for bags, packaging, carpets, shoes as well as in fashion apparel.

hemp plant for fabric


Hemp is soft breathable fabric similar to linen. It is microbe resistant and protects from ultraviolet light. The fabric holds shape as it least stretchable from the plant fabrics. Before 1980s hemp was used as an industrial fabric until there was a way to soften the fabric without compromising the strength. Now it is used successfully in the fashion industry for summer clothing and accessories.

ramie plant made in fabric


It is obtained from the ramie plant and it’s fibres are stronger that the linen and the cotton. It is also featured as mould free and naturally resistant to stains. It softens even more with every wash and wear. It is used with a blend for clothing, pillow cases, kitchen & bath textiles etc.

Soy fabric for fashion

soy beans

The soy fabric has a soft feel and is referred as vegan cashmere. It drapes nicely as silk and this way is considered luxurious. When dyed the soy fabric holds the color for long time. The textile material made of soy is used in wide range of fashion garments and soft furniture. It is relatively cheap to make which is a benefits for the business. Some people believe that is good for the body as it releases amino acids.

bamboo plant for fabric fibres


Bamboo is a plant that grows fast and replenishes easy this-way is very reliable fibre resource. It is considered as an eco-culture as it doesn’t need pesticides. The fabric is very soft as the natural fibre is naturally smooth without any treatment. It has also anti bacterial qualities and is highly water absorbent.

seaweed fabric


Seacell is fabric made of seaweed. It is developed in laboratories mixed with cellulose. Many designers have hands on this material for their collections. It is known as fabric beneficial for the skin as it naturally has ayurvedic features. It is used for active wear and children clothes. It is also know as brown algae.

Modal fabric


This is fabric is literary made of wood. The fibres are obtained from the beech tree that grows naturally in the woods without any chemical treatment. Modal fabric is popular in the lingerie manufacturing, baby clothing and sleep wear. The material is luxurious and silky smooth. It is resistant to shrinking and it holds its color for long.

coir fabric


Coir is a natural fabric made of the husk of the coconut. The made textile is strong but not so flexible. Coir is used to make packaging, twine, doormats and items such as bags and ropes. Coir can also be used in construction and to improve clays. It is a good fabric to control soil erosion.