signal-bg One step ahead into a greener world with the New equipment for photopolymer forms

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One step ahead into a greener world with the New equipment for photopolymer forms

At the end of 2016 we have been funded for a project by the Operational Programme “Innovation and competitiveness” 2014-2020 of the EU Structural Funds. Part of this project is to put into operation a new eco-friendly equipment for the production of water washable photopolymer flexoprinting forms.
The project includes machines for computer to plate (CTP) recording, a water wash photopolymer flexo stacking system and RIP Workflow software.

What are our objectives for fulfilling this project.


To contribute to a greener planet!

One of the main goals for sustainable brands is the cause of using ecological products that don’t harm the nature and maintaining a healthy lifestyle awareness. We invest our time and efforts to contribute to it with any innovation we implement in our production process. As one of the first printing companies using the new equipment for printing plates we are realising the difference that will make for reducing the pollution.
The core idea in this innovation is to stop the use of harmful for the nature and the employees chemicals and substitute them with plain water and a little soap detergent.
On the other side the implementation of only natural materials for photopolymer forms enables the waste of the treated polymer to be disposed in the sewage system without any concern for pollution.


To save a precious time!

Taking into account the increasingly strict requirements from our customers and their desire for shorter deadlines for execution of their orders the new technologies allow us to improve the production process as following:

- Raise 4 times the production capacity of printed forms
- Shortening their production time by 300% percent
- Improving the print quality
- Increasing the durability of the printing plates

This will greatly increase the ability to fulfil customer orders faster and more efficiently.


To expand our capabilities!

Introducing the hybrid CTP recorder SCREEN PlateRight FX870IIEL

hybrid CTP recorder SCREEN PlateRight FX870IIEL

Supported media - Flexo digital plates, letterpress digital plates, thermal ablation film, thermal offset plate
Minimum plate size - 100 x 100 mm
Maximum plate size - 870 × 762 mm
Media thickness - from 0.15 to 2.84 mm
Max. productivity for flexo forms - 1.5 m2 / hour
Max. productivity for offset forms - 5 m2 / hour
Max. resolution for flexo plates - 4800 DPI
Max. resolution for offset plates - 2400 DPI

Stacking system for water wash photopolymer flexo plates processing

 Stacking system for water wash photopolymer flexo plates processing

Maximum plate size - 530x760 mm
Including washing, main exposure, post-exposure, UVC light finishing and drying sections
Water recirculation and filtration unit
Sticky plate
PLC controller