signal-bg Behind the scenes. All steps of the production process of your printed fabric labels.

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Behind the scenes. All steps of the production process of your printed fabric labels.

Here is how we do it!


We receive your enquiry and one of our colleagues process the details, writes back if something is missing and when all information is in place a printed copy is sent to the pre-press department.

Department PRE-PRESS

At the Pre-press department our specialist extracts the necessary parameters of the file and gives them for calculating the price.

Department PRICING

We calculate the price based on materials, size, colours, type of finish and quantities and give you a custom offer. Once you confirm the order we will send you the pre-print design for your final approval. And from there we start the production process.


Here we use the latest Eco-friendly technology for producing the printing plates which will be used for printing your labels.

Department SLITTING

We also prepare the fabric material in the right size using cold or warm type of slitting depending on the case.


Once we have the printing plates, the fabric material in size and the paper work we start with the printing process. One of our specialists mixes the colours and sets up the Flexo machine ready to print. For this example as the order is from 20000 pcs. the printing process will continue for up to 6 hours. When the Printed Rolls are ready they go in the Cure oven for 6 hours.


From the Cure oven the rolls go straight for cutting and quality control. A Colleague in this department makes sure the labels are cut according to your order requirement and checks the quality of the print and the material for each batch. She wraps them up in packs by 500 and sends them to be packed.

Department PACK & DISPATCH

We continue the process as we pack the labels safely in plastic bags and in firm boxes.


We finalise the order when we issue the original invoice and once we receive a payment confirmation we book a courier to send your order away.