signal-bg How to get best price for custom printed fabric labels for clothing & home textiles

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How to get best price for custom printed fabric labels for clothing & home textiles

One of the main aspect from the marketing mix is the price. The leading reason for starting a business relationship is a good price offer. In the home textile and fashion industries is a constant battle for optimising the relation quality price and every little helps for offering competitive prices for your products.
As an experts in producing custom fabric labels we have a few tips for you on how to save on your project for custom tags.

1. Quantities - as you may know quantities determine the discount of every order. Low minimum always suggests higher prices. This why choose a wholesale supplier when it comes to comparing the best offers. When you ask for quotation it is always good to enquire price for multiple quantities this will give you an idea of what you can save.

2. Graphics - when it comes to printing fabric labels the graphic file also determines the price. In particular the number of the colours you choose is a factor for the given quote. Of course there is no need to change the identity of the graphic but try to optimise the complexity of the illustrations and the size.

3. Materials - in the contrary of the woven fabric labels, the printed fabric labels are offered in variety of materials. Some of them cheaper that the others. As for example a cheap option for fabric labels material is polyester or taffeta. This doesn’t really entails that the quality is lower, these materials could be also effective for your projects. The price between different types of satins also vary, this why is good to ask for a price guide for the label fabrics when you ask for a quote.

4. Label Manufacturer - for a better discount buy from label manufacturer and not from a representative. Every supplier can advice you on how to optimise the price without compromising the quality. To ensure a good offer just compare prices between manufacturers.

5. Place - as part of the 4 p’s - price, place, promotion, product - the place is also an important factor. Geographically speaking when you buy from a nearby place it might save you from the delivery cost. It will also ensure that the you will receive your orders faster. For example if your business is in Europe it is worth researching first the suppliers there. The place also ensures that all regulations for a safety products are kept.

6. Long lasting relationships - once you find a good supplier and the prices meet your budget try to keep a long relationships. It is most likely to receive a discount from a supplier that you have history with that with a new one. In the business with printed fabric labels you will also save on printing plates.

7. Don’t compromise with the quality - There is a relation between price-quality. If the quality is an important aspect for your fabric labels look careful when you negotiate prices. The most common mistakes is lowing down the quality which means your labels could wear off easily because cheaper inks are used.

8. Get a free quote for custom printed fabric labels

We have an easy process for a quote enquiry for your customised fabric labels. Being based in Bulgaria we deliver on competitive prices in whole Europe. Fill in our ‘get a quote form’ and we will make you an offer that you can’t resist.

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