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The Anatomy of the layout of a fabric label & its specs for print

At Signal Labels we like to simplify things and extract the most useful information from a given topic, In this blog we would categorize the main layout designs that are used in our practice. You can use this information when you prepare your labels to sent to label manufacturer.
Here are the 7 most common layout variations for your fabric label in terms of graphics l elements


Only Logo (Vector format) - The most printed labels are the Logo Labels. They consist only of the company logo and are sewed in the product on the outside or inside seam. The design of the logo label is simple consisting only of the logo, which could be typographic or graphic logo. To be ready for print the logo has to be in vector format outlined and each color has to be specified in Pantone color system.

Logo Labels design


Text, logo and Icons (Vector format) - This type of labels can be filled with different information. These are usually Care Labels, Instruction Labels, Size Labels, Warning Labels, Special Labels and more. To be ready for print all graphics here have to be in vector format, the fonts must be outlined and each color has to be specified in Pantone color system.

Large Labels Design


Vector Graphics and text (Vector format) - The graphics could be illustration or abstract designs but the common thing is that they are all created in a vector drawing program. When the graphic is with up to 6 spot colors then it has to be used as a vector if it consist of complicated elements then it has to be applied as a raster picture in cmyk colors.

Graphic Labels Design


Illustration & Logo or text (Raster & Vector format) - When the graphic consist of complex elements, which can not be divided into spot colors then it will be printed in full color other said in it will be prepared for print as a Raster Graphic in CMYK color system. The additional text must be prepared as a vector graphic in Pantone spot color.

Raster Label Design


Only Illustration - Another common type of label is consisting only of illustration which is printed in full color. This is when you don’t have additional simple graphics or text.

Raster Label Design


Image & Logo or text (Raster & Vector format) - In this example the raster image is photograph which is combined with text. This is also the case of combining rasters and vectors.The rasters in CMYK in 300ppi and the vectors separated in Pantone spot colors.

Corner Raster Label Design


Colored, white and black base - Here you can see four examples of the printing types that give different feeling. One. if you print your design on a white base then you have the feel of the real material and it’s features. Two, you can have the same material with printed background color. With this type you can choose the exact color from the Pantone library but will loose the shine and the softness of the material. Three, you can use a colored material and print on it. With this example you will have the shine of the material but it will be more expensive to find the exact desired color. And the last instance given here is when you use black material for a base and print colors. This type is printed with offset printing method where you can achieve vivid colors.

Different base of printed labels

Design Tip: Design your Branded Ribbons in a way that you can used them as Ribbons and Brand Labels when cut in pieces

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