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Decorative Pillows. Inspiration, Combinations and places to buy

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The decorative pillows are the jewel of your room. There are so many combinations depending on the style of the interior. You might be overwhelmed from so many options but to mix and match decorative pillows has some simple specifics that you can follow when styling your sofa or bed.
1. You have to determine the colors. You can refer to the color wheel and choose the colors according one of the schemes

2. You can take into account the texture of the fabric. Accordingly you could choose light thin fabrics together or thick wool fabrics for a cosy feel. You can also choose one of the pillows to be a textured accent to the rest.

3. Patterns choice can be tricky to mix as not everything makes pleasant combination. To be on the safe side always add solid color to the pattern. If you use geometric patterns you can easily mix small scale element with large scale elements for a contrast.

4. You can also refer to the art movements to make a statement, Art Deco, Post modernism, Pop Art, Psychedelic, Art Nouveau, De Stijl and so on. You can choose from patterns from a famous artists that remain classic options.

5. The size of the cushions also plays a role in the styling. You can choose to mix big and small pillows or same size proportional layouts. However there are some standard sizes that are offered on the market (30x41cm; 40x40cm; 46x46cm; 80x80cm; 15x33cm;)

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