signal-bg Choose the right sleeping pillow for yourself! It will make you happier person during the day.

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Choose the right sleeping pillow for yourself! It will make you happier person during the day.

Pillows are important subject to consider if you want to have a calm sleeping process. Usually the problems with the sleep are caused from wrong shape and poor material pillows. The main purpose of a good pillow is to keep your spine and neck in their natural alignment. If you often suffer of neck, head and shoulder pain you need first to look for a proper pillow support and here are some of the related aspects you should know.

What position do you sleep in?
Since people often move in their sleep and change their position, it is vital the pillow to be adjustable and change forms according your physique.
If you are a back sleeper you should choose a medium support pillow that cradles the natural curvature of your spine and achieves the perfect position without pressure for your neck.
If you mostly sleep on your side the best option is to use firm or super firm pillow that contours the head, neck and shoulders, to help keep the body in a horizontal line.
If you sleep on your stomach, the best choice will be a soft pillow. This will provide the best nest for your head and neck and will angel your body naturally.

Apart of being adjustable for your sleeping positions the pillow needs to be the right hight for your physique. The appropriate height of a pillow should be at least 4 inches and at maximum 6 inches.
There are different types of bed pillows depending on the material and the filling they are made of:

Foam-filled pillows are the most common type on the market. They are offered in different density and type of foam.
Memory foam is very popular these days as it is highly adjustable and it reduces pressure points. The pillows from memory foam are offered in many shapes and this makes it desirable for everyone. One of the most popular shape pillows is Contour Pillow. The downside of the memory foam is that it has been known to give additional warmth to the head. Another is that more often you can find low quality materials that release unpleasant odour.
Microfibers is synthetic fibres usually made of polyester or polyamyd. Pillows filled with synthetic microfibers are usually the cheapest on the market but not the best choice for support. They are usually made of questionable materials that can cause health issues.

Here are some goode rated options of Memory Foam Pillows - Snug Single Contour Memory Foam Pillow or Quiesta Memory Flake Pillow

Down is the bottom, fluffy part of a bird’s feather. The advantages of Down Pillows are that they hold loft up to 3 times longer than synthetics. They are soft and shape easily according your curves however they are not firm and they usually shift shape during the sleep. If you move around in your sleep they wouldn’t be comfortable for you. The cheaper substitute of downs is feathers. It is reported that they often have unpleasant odours, they are difficult to clean and require constant fluffing in order to keep the form.

Here is our suggestion for a good Down Pillow Producer - Quilts of Denmark

Pure Latex Pillows are firm but adjustable It helps effectively with the alignment of back and neck and solves back ache problems.
The pinhole design provides excellent ventilation and keeps your head cool in the night. They are hypoallergenic pillows mildew-proof, anti-microbial, and resistant to dust mite. The Latex pillow became popular as they don’t shift shape or develop hollow spots, they are highly durable and resilient.
According to some reviews people find them too firm and with light rubbery odour However they are recommended for back sleepers and known to enhance the blood flow and reduce painful pressure points.

Here is our recomendation for Latex Pillow producer - FUNREST Dunlop Natural Latex Foam Contour Pillow

Wool or cotton fillers are more expensive substitute to the latex pillows. They provide the firm support and the anti-allergic features but the manufacturers often speculate with the percentage of the cotton the filling is made of. If you decide to buy cotton filled pillow make sure it is 100 % Cotton otherwise it will have the opposite effect. Cotton Pillows are mostly referred as Organic Pillows.

We recommend this company as an Organic Pillow producer - Organic Textiles

Another organic option very popular recently is the Kapok filling. This is a cotton-like material that is produced from tropical tree and often referred as a silk cotton. In the past this type was replaced with synthetics but recently it revives on the market as a natural organic product. It is free of any toxins, it is biodegradable and not animal product. The disadvantages here are that often forms lumps and is very flammable.

Here is more information about the Kapok Pillows

Another natural and very popular old-fashioned product. It is made from the hulls of the buckwheat. It has a superior support and is proven to be effective pain reducer and minimise the sleeping problems. Another advantage is that it is very breathable and it has a long life span. It holds it’s shape and is moldable. There are few disadvantages: it makes rustling noise when shifted, It is more heavy product than other options.

Here you can find fashionable options of buckwheat and other natural product filling pillows

As the name suggests water pillows are made up of water wrapped with a polyester layer that prevents the water from leaking. They are known for their pain relief capability as the water shapes into contour. Water pillows are customizable for hight and firmness to suit different sleep habits. They are also hypoallergenic choice. The main complaints about this type is that they are heavy and the water has to be removed when washing. They are also not moldable.

Here is more information about the Mediflow Pillows

Allergy reactions from pillows
Many of the products used for the pillow covers and fillings might cause allergy reactions from bedding myths and dust. To prevent this first always use additional hypo-allergic covers that you could wash frequently. Also always read the instructions and the composition on the labels to make sure that natural products are used and they are not mixed with questionable substances.