signal-bg Bar-code labels. An essential instrument in our day to day operations.

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Bar-code labels. An essential instrument in our day to day operations.

What is the purpose of the Barcodes?
The use of bar-codes begins in 1973 when the Universal Product Code (UPC) became the standard indicator of a unique product. Using them offers many advantages such as saving time, eliminating human errors, saving space and cutting off of printing resources.
To explain it in short barcode is an optical representation of data that usually describes something about the object that carries it. The code uses a sequence of vertical bars and spaces to represent numbers and other symbols. There are several types of barcodes in use: UPC Code, Ean Code, Code 39, Code 128, ITF, Code 93, CODABAR, GS1Databar, MSI Plessey, 2D Barcode, QR Code, PDF417, Aztec (Source: SCANDIT).
You can generate your barcode easy by using an online generator or a editing program and print it on stickers tags, brochures, fabric etc.

What material do we print them on?
You can choose to print your bar-code labels on any material but the most common use is on stickers that you can stick on a smooth surface. On a paper hang tags and attach them to the product or on a fabric label to attach it to your home textile product of fashion garment. The use of bar-codes have proved to be an efficient way of caring data and tracking inventory.

A popular type of print is the thermal transfer labels type where you can add an unique numbers to the tag. You can also combine the bar-codes with any additional text or picture and print it on a flexo print of offset print.

How to read them?
Depending on the kind of bar-code you have different readers- a device that you can attach to an computer or a mobile app allowing you to scan them on your phone. The date that your bar-code caries could be anything: text, pictures, website etc. The install of the mobile is quick and easy and you can find many free versions online.

Creative Barcodes
Recently Barcodes became an inspiration for many artists and the outcome is an creative pictures that you can use on your packaging or brochures in order to follow the brand identity. Given that the barcodes have a boring but recognisable outlook you can turn them into art and still use them for it’s purpose.
Check out this creative pieces and think about something you can use as an creative touch to your barcodes.