signal-bg Our picks with Golden accent for Easter this year.

Tuesday    |    22.03.16    |    LIFESTYLE

Our picks with Golden accent for Easter this year.

This year for Easter we have found exciting decoration that you could easily do yourselves at home. You will need only your imagination and gold-metalic spray. You could add golden touch literally to anything you wish. The Gold colour is also easy to match with different textures and colours. It will go with your white porcelain, with wooden pieces with pink flowers etc. It is a nice effect if you decide to use two tone design combining the gold with light blue.

Here you can see a wonderful decoration for Еaster from thehousethatlarsbuilt

The amazing decorations you could create with a gold spray are endless. The best spray for the case you can buy here

Here you can see a tutorial with a gold foil effect, that you could do easily at home and shine at front of your guests link

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